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What Is The Expression Theory Of Art Essay -- essays research papers

Art has evolved and regenerated itself many times during our human existence. These differences are defined through changes in styles under various theories. During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, a style known as Expressionism became popular. During this movement the artists were trying to use their artwork as a tool of expression toward life. It was mainly dominant in the nonrepresentational arts, such as abstract visual arts and music. It also was probably one of the most difficult movements to understand because the whole point of the piece lay within the artist. Not only was it a movement, it defined the act of art as a whole. From the beginning of time, each work of art, excluding replicas, show a way of expressing one's self. Every artist puts a piece of his or herself into their artwork. Who really is to determine what that work of art was meant to express? One might ask, "Since most artwork is used as a way for an artist to express him or herself, what makes this expression period anything special?" On the general level "Expressionistic art, whether literature, painting, music, or cinema, often involves intense psychic disturbance and distortion in the perspective adopted by the artwork." "It is remote from the objective or realistic portrayals of the world, as well as from the happier emotions." To bring a more defined meaning to the overall theory of expressionism, two philosophers play a large role. The first notarized expressionistic philosopher was the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy who was followed by his counterpart R.G. Collingwood: a twentieth-century English philosopher. Together they hold the two best known expositions of the expression theory. What make these two analyzers important is not what they agreed on, but rather on how they contrasted. They both conclude that during the expression theory, the main concern was to express emotion. The one question that draws the two apart is "What does it mean to express an emotion?" They attempt to conclude this question, by providing the answers to a few others. What the nature of art is? Why we make and appreciate art? Why the arts are so valuable? The best way to go about describing their thoughts is to state one of the thinkers discoveries followed by a thorough investigation of the second's, beginning with Leo Tolstoy. He begins his arg... ...correspondent real life events. "If the music does not evoke a real emotional response in a listener, according to this school of thought, this response should be considered inappropriate." No matter whose view you take they all have their faults. Making a theory on art is not the same as making a theory in science. With science you have guidelines that can be proven. There are very few guidelines in art that can be backed up by fact. The ideal of defining a theory in art is based on emotions as well. Both Tolstoy and Collingwood are using their emotions in order to judge other emotions. If I were forced to pick a philosopher to side with, I would probably lean toward Collingwood, since he leaves more area for variety. He places more of the wealth of the emotional art within the artist themselves rather than a third party. If it were totally up to me I would leave the decision on whether a work is good or not between the artist and whomever was viewing it at that time. What I might think as a good piece of work and what might evoke emotions in me might not do the same for another who might consider themselves experts, but does that really make my opinion less valuable?

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Great Gatsby Essay

Not only does the idea of money being the most important factor in life means one’s partner comes second, it additionally solidities one’s class, meaning families are separated just by the amount of money they have to their names. Fitzgerald illustrates the theme of doomed love with the relationship of Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson, Tom,  powerfully built and hailing from a socially solid old family yet associating with Myrtle, whose lifeless husband George owns a run-down garage in the valley of ashes, representing two extreme classes. McEwan reinforces this theme in the relationship between Robbie Turner and Cecilia Tallis, Robbie a gardener and Cecilia the daughter of the ministry-employed and wealthy Jack Tallis are also partitioned by class. Consequently, relationships in both novels are doubtlessly doomed due to the impenetrable barriers of class and wealth. Throughout the novel, this theme is reinforced as we discover a consistent number of tragedies in the majority of relationships. The idea of Gatsby’s and Daisy’s relationship being inevitably doomed is emphasized with the Gatsby using the abstract noun ‘passion’ showing the obsession he has with Daisy, highlighting the idea of a Romeo and Juliet relationship, one being so in love that it is bound to end in tragedy. Additionally, Fitzgerald illuminates doomed love with symbolism describing the portrait of Dan Cody, a man who mirrors the average man in the American soceity as a ‘florid man with a hard, empty face’ which reflects the hollowness of people and their materialistic views; they solely focus on their wealth over relationships. McEwan reflects such demeanour in Briony Tallis’ story ‘The Princess was well aware of his remorseless wickedness, but that made it no easier to overcome the voluminous love she felt in her heart for Sir Romulus’ again initiating the predicament of unconditional love. This is obviously bound to end in disaster when such dispute, such as class separation and the ‘importance’ of money is involved in the relationship which reflects Fitzgerald’s relationship of Gatsby and Daisy where Gatsby is unbelievably in love with Daisy and yet we know she does not feel quite the same way, again initiating disaster. Symbolism, a feature Fitzgerald continuously employs for the duration of ‘The Great Gatsby’ additionally emphasizes the theme of doomed loved. Previous to Daisy’s arrival in Chapter Four, Gatsby exclaimed a few minutes before she was due to arrive that ‘Nobody’s coming to tea. It’s too late! ’ and that he ‘can’t wait all day’, this is a very ironic statement, firstly for the fact he says ‘nobody’s coming’ as we know that Daisy really never does return into Gatsby’s life as he wishes she will and secondly that he says ‘it’s too late! and yet he’s waited five years to   see Daisy. Furthermore, when Gatsby and Daisy first sit down together, ‘the clock took this moment to tilt dangerously at the pressure of his head’ which symbolises the idea of time being a very important theme, the adverb ‘dangerously’ clearly highlighting how precarious the desi re to recapture the past really is. The idea that when the clock fell off the mantelpiece, it stopped, symbolises Gatsby’s life, frozen in time, he believing everything between him and Daisy will be exactly as it was, five years before. Fitzgerald carries on using symbolism behind all issues in the novel, after the tragic death of Gatsby, Tom Buchanan and Daisy Fay flee to a new house far away rather than condescend to attend Gatsby’s funeral, ‘They were careless people, Tom and Daisy–they smashed up things’  again mirroring the hollowness of people and the hedonistic attitudes they have to life; all they care about is themselves, nobody else’s feelings and so this is an additional important factor to why relationships end up in pieces. Furthermore, ‘the green light’ is another important symbol in ‘The Great Gatsby’ representing Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future. In Chapter One, ‘he stretched out his arms towards a single green light’ as a guiding light to lead him to his goal: Daisy and yet at the end of the novel, we realise his dream was one stuck in the past, impossible to achieve, although Nick as the retrospective narrator observes, the light does still continue to shine one, symbolising hope for the rest of us and yet so much doom for Gatsby and Daisy and the love between them. The prominent theme of doomed love is additionally supported by McEwan’s fragmented structure of the novel symbolising the broken hearts of Robbie Turner and Cecilia Tallis which is mirrored in Nick’s unreliable narrative voice. An obsession with materialism reflects the hollowness of the people of 1920s America, Gatsby reinforces this object-orientated focus when he cries ‘she only married you because I was poor and she was tired waiting for me’, obviously highlighting that the only reason Daisy was to marry was for money, not the fact she loved thus illuminating doomed love as the relationship is based on money and materialism. Fitzgerald uses wealth imagery to describe Daisy ‘Her voice is full of money’ symbolising the need for money as a support for her own personality. Kevin Rea writes ‘the sense of hope conveyed by yellow is still present in the light and music. But the fact ‘the earth lurches away from the sun’ hints at the transient powers wealth bestows’’ which again illuminates the theme of money being so important, yet underneath it only leads to disaster in relationships in the novel again initiating the theme of doomed love. Incredibly, Gatsby himself is one factor of his own relationship with Daisy being so doomed. Blinded by the astronomic amount of love he has for her, Gatsby states ‘Can’t repeat the past?†¦ Why of course you can! ’, emphasizing the unachievable expectations he has, all he wants to do is regress to five years before and reunite perfectly with his ‘love’, but coincidently we know this is quite the opposite of what happens. Furthermore Gatsby wants something of Daisy that she can’t give, an unachievable statement, for her to ‘just tell him the truth, that you never loved him and it’s all wiped out forever’ about Tom, but we know this can’t happen as Daisy’s love for Tom was once real and strong as narrated in Jordan’s vignette. Fitzgerald uses an abundance of pathetic fallacy throughout the novel in coordination with the theme of doomed love. Gatsby and Daisy’s first meeting seems particularly awkward which reflects the weather, ‘pouring†¦small muddy swamps and prehistoric marshes’ reinforcing the mood. Additionally, as Gatsby and Daisy began to ‘click’ and ‘bond’ the ‘sun shone again’ initiating an optimistic and joyful mood. Sorrow returns at the tragic funeral of Gatsby along with the miserable weather, ‘thick drizzle’, ‘rain poured down his thick glasses’ showing doom in any love between him and Daisy. Likewise, McEwan uses pathetic fallacy, Leon asks Cecelia if ‘the hot weather’ makes her behave badly, this weather reflecting the difficulties between Robbie and Cecelia, the weather a hindrance, an obstruction, a way of creating misery in one’s life, mirroring Briony Tallis’ role in ‘Atonement’ and how she destroys and completely gets in the way of the relationship, consequently illuminating the theme of doomed love and reflecting ‘The Great Gatsby’ in the way Gatsby is an obstruction with his own affiliation with Daisy Fay. As we begin to draw close to the end of ‘The Great Gatsby’, we come across the reunited relationship of Daisy and Tom ‘sitting opposite each other’. Fitzgerald describes the couple ‘they weren’t happy†¦and yet they weren’t unhappy either’ mirroring the people of 1920s America, in the Jazz Age, as Gertrude Stein stated they were ‘the lost generation’ and had no real point to life and so lived unhappily, happily. Although this image of the two sitting together not showing compassion or love could represent doomed love, some could alternatively say that this relationship, which looked doomed at the start, is now the only good, strong one left, contradicting the theme. Mike Peters writes ‘not only Gatsby, but several of the other characters remain enigmas’, showing mysteriousness to the characters in Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, maybe Gatsby did only love Daisy for the money or maybe Daisy never loved Tom? None of us can know, excluding Fitzgerald, we have no final conclusions to draw. However, it is clear that in the heartless and materialism obsessed society that Fitzgerald creates, it is only the most corrupt relationship that survives at the end. To finally conclude, Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ leaves us with nothing but disappointment, which shows contrast to McEwan’s ‘Atonement’ which then leaves us with the possibility of hope and faith. Fitzgerald leaves us with sadness and we feel sympathy for the characters in the book, they all seem lost and seeking for something and yet the only solution they discover is money, highlighting again the theme of doomed love, money before love. The death of Myrtle Wilson devastates hers and George’s relationship which is obviously the result of her materialistic values and her longing for Tom’s money, her main focus in a man was his money, this is highlighted when she says that ‘’Oh, is that your suit? ‘ I said. ‘This is the first I ever heard about it. But I gave it to him and then I lay down and cried to beat the band all afternoon† reinforcing the idea that wealth is of huge importance to her. Gatsby obviously dead and Tom and Daisy reunited, but only on the thread of a string, all these sorrows as a result of money and class partition. Additionally, the death of Robbie Turner in ‘Atonement’ is the result of class partitio ning and so is also highlighting the theme of doomed love, a major theme in both F. Scott. Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Ian McEwan’s ‘Atonement’.

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What Are We Doing Here - 1631 Words

INTRODUCTION â€Å"What are we doing here? This is stupid, I m never going to use this.† -Student, age 15, on Algebra The field of education is of great interest to the field of anthropology, because our mechanisms, emphasis, direction, and narrative we use to educate in this country are not ubiquitous facts. Instead they are ideas abstracted from cultural values. They are ideas concerned with best intentions, and what that means to us. The rhetoric of educational discourse finds commonality in one resonant fact-- we want the best for our students. This idea may lead you to describe our government, our structures, our systems, as â€Å"America the Beautifully Misguided.† For years, prominent pedagogues have sought reform in the educational dossier. They seek a sort of liberation from the pervasive and perverted ideas that permeate our great American narrative. Specifically, Paulo Freire sought to release the shackles of indoctrination that did, and still do, drive our educational mantra and approach. This liberation is an idea that echoes the call of all progres sives in the pedagogical field, however, it appears that this call has fallen on deaf ears and dampened into dissonance. As our post-industrialized society continues to use Fordist preening techniques, â€Å"Critical Thinking† is added to the list of unfulfilled promises of modern American university mission statements-- next to â€Å"Green,† â€Å"Progressive,† â€Å"Modern,† and other beautiful lies. By what mechanism can this hundredShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Mark Edmundsons Who Are We and What Are We Doing Here1230 Words   |  5 PagesRhetoric and Composition A1: Summary and Analysis Final Draft In Mark Edmundson’s article Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here, published in the Oxford American on August 22, 2011, he talks about his college experience and what others need to do in college to be successful. Getting an education is hard because there are too many distractions, but find something you enjoy doing or else you’ll be bored and work hard to become that. There are a lot of paths to choose from in life and going toRead MoreMy Experience At The Regional Food Bank864 Words   |  4 Pageswanted to work here and they were hiring for an Americorps position so I applied and took one. I am signing up to do another year here at the Regional Food Bank. You get a lot of experience, a lot of meeting new people and making connections and its really worth while to me. If your in it for their pay you’re in if for the wrong reason you have to be in it do something bigger than yourself and be apart of something bigger and to have positive change in the communi ty. I love being here, I don’t wantRead MoreShould Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed?857 Words   |  4 Pagestheir intentions, what they are doing is currently wrong and it disrespects our country as a whole. Also I understand that America is arguably the greatest country in the world and it can take a long time for an immigrant to earn their citizenship, but in America if we want something, we cannot cheat the system to get it faster. For instance, we all want our bachelor s degree at the very least, but we cannot skip our classes during our college years if we plan to earn it. We put the time and effortRead MoreThe Point Of The Window Of Fortunato s House914 Words   |  4 PagesIt’s been five years since Fortunato and I met we were just ten years old. And since then we’ve been inseparable. However, recently, we’ve grown apart. As I am pondering our faded relationship, I look out the window to Fortunato’s house. â€Å"Why aren’t we clos e as we used to be?† I wonder to myself. I then get the idea to go over and ask him. Coming upon his house I notice that he’s not there, in fact everything in his house is gone too. My mother sees me, â€Å"are you looking for Fortunato?† I nod yesRead MoreMy Beloved Wife Perry : The Battle Of Somme997 Words   |  4 Pages October 2, 1916 My beloved wife Perry, Hey, it’s me Matt. How are you doing? I know it has almost been 4 months since we saw each other, but I promise you I will be home soon. As of right now I am fighting the battle in Somme, France. The battle here in Somme is beyond brutal. It is the worst battle I have fought so far. The propaganda posters are full of lies. The battle is nothing like what they show us. There are people dying every day and it is not just a few deaths a day...it is more likeRead MoreGlasgow Sonnet Essay1086 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Glasgow sonnet is a touching poem written by Edwin Morgan and is about how Glasgow used to be, years ago and the effects that it had on people. It deals with an important issue such as poverty and we see the reality of it and how it shouldn’t be ignored. By examining Morgans use of techniques we will be able to seen more of the effects of poverty and how and things actually are Morgans makes the poem particularly effective by the use of sonnet structure, the first 8 lines show us the area and theRead MorePersonality and the Workplace1487 Words   |  6 Pagesenough without us having to worry about the different personalities we encounter each and everyday. Our jobs are a place where we come in contact with many people, both co-workers and clients, and each of their distinct personalities. If we all had the same personality it would be easy for us to predict what the other person is thinking and feeling, but since we dont we must learn to deal with the many different personalities that we come into contact with each day. I work in a hospital where emotionsRead MoreThe Recruiting - Original Writing841 Words   |  4 PagesRecruiting â€Å"where am I and why am I here?† she asked. â€Å"why you mean, just kidding. now shut up and help me hide her body and her pet pickle† he said. â€Å"Wait what?† she replied â€Å"now I don’t want to help you dork charming, but kiss me† she demanded they were fighting about what they are going to do with the body. they had been yelling at each other because they were full of guilt for they had killed their friend and the did not know what to do with her body. â€Å"why don’t we burn it or throw it into the riverRead MoreThe Death Of A Lonely1551 Words   |  7 PagesInside a lonely temple atop a lonely mountainside sat two lonely statues. The first, the one with the pudgy face and perplexed complexion, dreamed of a bungalow in Haiti, though he had not moved in a thousand years and had no idea what Haiti was or what a bungalow either, but he imagined both had to be as nice as they sounded. The second, the one with the pointy nose and jagged teeth, longed for a companion with an IQ above thirty three, for it had been ages since he had had a good conversation and-Read MoreThe Story Of My Life703 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Hmm Okay,† I said shocked. â€Å"Right this way and your nurse will be here in a minute,† calmly the doctor said. My mom and I sat in the room for a good 5 minutes when the nurse came in â€Å"Howdy folks, how’s your lovely mornin’ so far?† the nurse said in a loud voice. â€Å"We are doing fine, just here for her surgery. How are you?†, said mother in a calm and quiet voice. â€Å" Ah, ain’t that just fun. I am doing pretty good myself. Here let me just check your pulse and I will be on my way out to tell the

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Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach - 775 Words

#include #include #include using namespace std; string bookTitle[] = {Starting out with C++, Java Programming, Software Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Probability and Statistics, Cognitive Science, Modern Information Retrieval, Speech and Language Processing}; int bookID[] = {1101, 1211, 1333, 1456, 1567, 1642, 1699, 1755, 1800, 1999}; double bookPrice[] = {112.32, 73.25, 54.00, 67.32, 135.00, 173.22, 120.00, 42.25, 32.11, 123.75}; void display(); void buyBook(int); int menu(); int linearSearch(); int binarySearch(); int bubbleSort(); int selectionSort(); int main() { int choice = 0; bool quit = false; while (choice != 5) { cout Select one of the following options: endl; cout 1. Linear Search 2. Binary Search 3. Bubble Sort 4. Selection Sort 5. Quit ; cin choice; switch (choice) { case 1: buyBook(linearSearch()); break; case 2: buyBook(binarySearch()); break; case 3: bubbleSort(); break; case 4: selectionSort(); break; case 5: break; default: cout Invalid Input. Please Try Again. endl endl; } } } void display() {Show MoreRelatedEpistemological Approach to Modern Artificial Intelligence564 Words   |  2 PagesModern Artificial Intelligence There are a number of contemporary goals for artificial intelligence. This truth is in part related to the fact that many of the basic goals of artificial intelligence that were initially conceived during the 20th century still have not been met. Many contemporary goals, therefore, have descended from these initial goals, and have simply incorporated more specific practices and uses for artificial intelligence. Essentially, the primary goal of contemporary artificialRead MoreComputer Science And Artificial Intelligence1712 Words   |  7 Pagestheoretical approach to the capabilities of computers and how they process input and output information. With computers being conceived as early as the 1830’s, their capabilities have grown exponentially throughout the course of the 20th century, with many aspects of computer science becoming commonplace for the modern consumer. For the purposes of this report, the aspects of computer science that will be covered are formal languages and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence ArtificialRead MoreArtificial Intelligence in Daily Life738 Words   |  3 Pagesmemory and advances in computer chip technology increased, the study of artificial intelligence and the idea of what might be possible for computers has also undergone a dramatic evolution. In fact, many contemporary computing applications at home, in vehicles, and in business already use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a basis for many operations. Many of todays machines are designed to perform a specific task and function. Modern manufacturing has advanced because of robotics, and certainly this hasRead MoreArtificial Intelligence and Cognitive Reasoning1597 Words   |  7 Pagesrepresentation of a humanoid character that is in fact a machine functioning and learning new skills with artificial intelligence. The problem with these shows is that the representation of modern day artificial intelligence is largely skewed, these machines have personalities and emotions making them relatable to humans when they are still just a very elaborate computer program. Artificial intelligence is the cognitive ability to solve problems, recognize patterns, and have the capability to learn, withRead MoreAn Evolving Diagnostic Decision Support System769 Words   |  4 PagesStudies in Computational Intelligence :Computational Intelligence in Biomedicine and Bioinformatics. ISBN-10: 354070776X | ISBN-13: 978-3540707769,Springer-Verlag(2011). 2. Devlin G.: Decision Support Systems: Advances In. ISBN: 9789533070698, In-Tech Publishing (2010).† 3. Barnett, G. O., Cimino, J. J., Hupp, J. A., Hoffer, E. P. (1987). DXplain: an evolving diagnostic decision-support system. Jama, 258(1), 67-74.† 4. Jackson P. C.: Introduction to artificial intelligence. ISBN 048624864X,CourierRead MoreMaterial Science1113 Words   |  5 Pagesintegrate circuits. Since the pressing questions about the increasing ability of computers to quickly process large amounts of information is whether a computer can be built that is considered â€Å"alive† or â€Å"conscious.† I will also be defining artificial intelligence and telling the difference between the human brain and the central processing unit of a computer. Material Science There are three essential properties of every material that scientists use as a foundation for most every studyRead MoreThe Root Of Cognitive Architecture Essay1600 Words   |  7 Pagesthemselves started to receive general attention. This domain, which lies partly in artificial intelligence area, may be realized in four different ways [2]: ïÆ'Ëœ Systems that think like humans ïÆ'Ëœ Systems that think rationally ïÆ'Ëœ Systems that act like humans ïÆ'Ëœ Systems that act rationally The exact definition of the cognitive architecture can be presented as a process-level theory about human cognition and is a design to create artificial intelligent agent which proposes a computational process like human. 1.2Read MoreThe Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence1701 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Whoever perceives that robots and artificial intelligence are merely here to serve humanity, think again. With virtual domestic assistants and driverless cars just the latest in a growing list of applications, it is we humans who risk becoming dumbed down and ultimately subservient to machines.† ― Alex Morritt As the years have progressed, more and more people have adapted artificial intelligence systems into their home and everyday lives. A range of inventions include patient simulation systemsRead MoreCognitive PsychologyFINAL PAPER724 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent ways to interpret psychology. With the desire for a change in traditional methods on how researchers studied the human mind, new developments in this study eventually lead to the growth of modern cognitive psychology. This paper will discuss the milestones that served as a foundation to modern cognitive psychology, and also the importance of behavioral observation in cognitive psychology.   The  development of cognitive psychology occur as a result of many different achievements that pavedRead MoreEssay On Web Development Trends1626 Words   |  7 Pagesfind out which web design trends will rule the world by 2020. Artificial Intelligence It’s an age where artificial intelligence technologies are being deployed at an increasing pace and companies around the world are now getting more inclined to virtual robots to manage their useful tasks. According to a recent study by Merrill Lynch the Artificial Intelligence market will reach $153 billion in the years to come. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MARKET WILL SURPASS $100B BY 2025 Source http://blog.softwareinsider

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The E Commerce Strategy Of Boeing - 1420 Words

Abstract Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace and defense company in the world. The company company employs over 165,000 individuals within the United States and has a wide span of control over 65 countries. Boeing generates over 90.8 billion in revenue with a diverse spectrum of products and services. The organizational behavior within a company such as Boeing is crucial to the company’s success. Therefore, an organizational behavior analysis, theory and applications in aviation are examined within the Boeing Company. More specifically, the aspects of leadership within the company are researched to determine their effectiveness. The organizational design or structure of Boeing is examined to ensure the efficiency and correct fit. Organizational culture and managerial roles are examined to include ethical issues within the company. Boeing on a global scale to include how the company compares to its peers is investigated. Additionally, in today’s world of techn ology the business concepts and strategies of many organizations must adapt to be successful. Therefore, the E-commerce strategy of Boeing is examined. Each of the aspects of organizational behavior are applied to Boeing and researched to determine if Boeing will continue to prosper as the leading aerospace and defense company in the world. Key words: Boeing, Organizational behavior Organization Behavior Analysis on Boeing Company Overview. The Boeing Company primarily designs, develops, andShow MoreRelatedBusiness Press Article And An Executive Summary Essay1512 Words   |  7 Pagescutting back. We are growing our business with UPS. We’re growing our business with the U.S. Postal Service.† It is hard to enter an existing market but Amazon plans to maximize the market share it currently captures. To ensure this, they are Leasing 20 Boeing 767s from Air Transport Services Group this march. Amazon has negotiated an option to buy nearly 20 percent of the company. Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president for worldwide operations, stated, â€Å"We’re excited to supplement our existing deliveryRead MoreEssay on Case Study – Boeing Australia Limited1064 Words   |  5 PagesIssue Identification Boeing Australia Ltd. (BAL) is a relatively new privately owned company and a global extension of the U.S. firm, the Boeing Co. BAL has continued to develop capabilities in the areas of space and communications, site management, and upgrade and maintenance of military aircraft and equipment. Historically BAL has had a myriad of systems encompassed in its diverse systems architecture which was predominantly site-centric in nature. The main issue is the processes. There are redundanciesRead MoreFinancial Analysis Of Two Stocks1518 Words   |  7 Pagesis in his final semester at SIUE. He is planning to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Management with a Finance specialization in December. He is looking to pursue a career in banking or financial planning. His analysis was focused on McDonalds and Boeing. These two stocks purpose is to be safe and add some long-term, sustained growth to the portfolio with their size and consistent reliability. Brittany Gallego is completing her senior year at SIUE. She will graduate in May of 2018 with her degreeRead MoreThe Fedex Corporation : An American Based Worldwide Courier Delivery Service Company Essay1532 Words   |  7 Pagesfleet with Boeing 767-300 Freighters will increase margins and add flexibility to domestic and international operations Persistent growth in the U.S. and global markets will result in profitability and productivity rising for years to come The overall market for international door-to-door express shipping continues to grow, pushed by e-commerce Acquisition of TNT Express lowers FedEx Express costs to serve the European market and enables them to profit from the growth of European commerce Face intenseRead MoreFedex Express At The Fedex Corporation1662 Words   |  7 Pagesdomestic services established by 1979 and subsequent further success in lobbying for air freight deregulation, FedEx began its era of global expansion (FedEx, 2015a). The small 14 aircraft fleet of modest-sized Dassault Falcons grew to a fleet of larger Boeing 727s and McDonnell-Douglas DC-10s (FedEx, 2015a). The once-primarily southern-state network of customers expanded to cover the US, and then into Canada in 1981 (FedEx, 2015a); followed in 1988 with securing worldwide landing rights, and acquiringRead MorePotential Location For E Commerce Sales1136 Words   |  5 Pagesfor A4P within budget. A4P’s main competitor, A4 Binder, is located in Texas. This is a great strength for A4P. Since Texas is so far from the east coast, A4P will be able to market to more businesses located on the east coast. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, L3 Communications and other internationally focused businesses will be target customers. By making connections with these local companies, word of mouth will help make connections with the company’s other branches in places such as the WashingtonRead MoreEssay on Airline Industry1169 Words   |  5 PagesStrategy, Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Profitability Analysis (Custom Pub. Chap15) Based on the organisation that you have selected, you are required to describe the organisation’s mission, describe and classify the organisation’s strategy, and identify its‟ value proposition and core competencies. Using Porters Five Forces Framework illustrate these five forces for your organisation, and provide brief comments on how these forces they influence your organisation’s profit potential. UsingRead MoreE Commerce. Impact of Internet for the airline industry.4092 Words   |  17 Pageslabour requirement, together with customer participation during transactions hence service fulfilment. Providing great reach and the potential for rich interaction, the internet is a natural medium for travel transactions. Airlines are turning to e-commerce to keep business flying, and the reason they are focusing on selling tickets through their Web sites is that it is the cheapest distribution channel. From the customers perspectives, Internet have revolutioned the way of buying flight ticket. CustomersRead MoreE-Commerce Air Asia4563 Words   |  19 PagesTABLES OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Importance of e-Commerce and m-Commerce 3.0 Corporate Appraisal 4.0 Competitive Advantages 5.0 m–Commerce 5.1 Differences of m-Commerce e-Commerce 6.0 Recommendations 6.1 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and m-Commerce to AirAsia 6.2 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and m-Commerce to Customers 7.0 Conclusions APPENDIX REFERENCES 1.0 Introduction Purcel and Toland (2004, 241) said â€Å"Internet and Communication Technology offer the opportunity to reduceRead MoreShaheen Air International14539 Words   |  59 PagesOF DIRECTORS 68 ORGANOGRAM 69 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 70 BCG MATRIX ANALYSIS 71 GE MATRIX ANALYSIS 73 IE MATRIX ANALYSIS 74 SPACE MATRIX ANALYSIS 75 GRAND STRATEGY MATRIX ANALYSIS 75 TOWS MATRIX ANALYSIS 77 STRATEGY TABLE: 84 ACTION PLAN 86 NEW VISION STATEMENT 87 NEW MISSION STATEMENT 87 THREE ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES 87 FINAL STRATEGY 87 Executive Summary Shaheen Air was founded in December 1993 and in just 10 months on account of its professional service, exceptional performance

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Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance-Free-Samples

Question: Discuss about the Effect of Job satisfaction and motivation on employee performance. Answer: Introduction Motivation is a topic that has been researched extensively. From the beginning various researchers have been concentrating on various motivational theories like the Herzbergs two-factor theory, Maslow hierarchy of needs orthe Vrooms expectancy theory. These theorieshave focusedon the motivation in a general manner and employee motivation more distinctively. In the past few years, several definitionsof motivations have been developed. For example, Lazaroiu(2015) has explained employee motivation as a performance that is in relation to the work actions as desired. Job satisfaction can be simply explained as the psychological condition of how a person feels towards work. A bit more complex, it summarizes the attitude and the feelings of an individual about the numerous internal and external components towards the firm and the jobs he or her performs in the firm. The components of job satisfaction are associated with compensation and benefits, the nature of work and relationships with colleagues. The satisfaction of the employees is regarded as an overall module of the human resource strategies of a firm. According to,Ristic, Selakovic and Qureshi (2017), job satisfaction means a role which is positively associated to the extent to which the personal requirements of one are satisfied in the job scenario. Graves, Sarkis and Zhu(2013) debates that employees are mostly satisfied and increasingly productive when their job provides them with security from the stress associated with the economy, identification of their effort, grievances, opportunity to give out recommendations and ideas, contribution in decision making, safety measures etc. Job satisfaction explains that pleasurable emotional condition of the feeling that leads from the work performance. Having satisfied and motivated employees starts with the recruitment of the right people and can be fostered through practising programs to keep them occupied and committed to the firm. Porter, Riesenmy and Fields(2016) contends that organizations with increased quality of human capital can perform in a much enhanced places and deliver more and higher sustainable returns to the shareholders than the firms with mediocre employees. Sustainable competitive edge needs satisfaction of the employees for the absorption of the knowledge base for a firm. This knowledge is often hard and tacit to convey among employees. The firms that are globally competitive depend on their employees to make use of advantageous, exact and original solutions to the issues the firm may have. The employees are deemed to be the section of the intangible assets of the firm. They are a priceless commodity that become a key part of the value of the firm. However, though much research has been done in this context, there are some considerable research gaps in the area. Lazaroiu (2015) is of the opinion that most studies conducted have discussed the topic on a generalized basis and does not attribute the research to specific aspects of employee motivation like job security, rewards and remuneration, and training and development which will be a major point of focus in the present study. Furthermore, the studies that have been conducted have not discussed the subject on a geographical basis and therefore, this study will be based on the Switzerland companies. Moreover, even after extensive research on the topic, there are still many firms that experience highly de-motivated employees and the present paper will find ways to mitigate such problem. Background of the Study Job satisfaction and employee motivation is known to be characterized by various factors like job security, training and development provisions, and rewards and remuneration. Job security is the concept that assures and employee that he or she will be provided with continuous and beneficial employment throughout the life. Job security is provided to an employee through measures like employment contract, agreement of collective bargaining, and labour legislations, which ensures immunity from sudden and unjustified termination, lockouts and layoffs.Lazaroiu (2015) states that such job security raises the trust of the employees on the firm, which results in positive employee motivation. Training and development programs enable employees to learn and acquire new professional skills as well as to enhance their existing skills. This helps in boosting up of the employees self-confidence. It also induces in them a perception that the organization is taking initiatives in developing their per sonal and professional skills, which increases their levels of job satisfaction. This shows a positive effect on employee performance. Rewards and remuneration is the measure taken and should be taken by organizations to appreciate and recognize the contribution of the employees towards the organization. An effective system of rewards and remuneration means providing the appropriate payment for the appropriate work to the employees. It also stands for appreciating and recognizing an employees good work and thereby rewarding him for his good performance. Such measures develops within employees a sense of self-worth and motivates them to work harder and better to keep their position in the eyes of the company. This motivates the employees and develops their performance for good. Employee job satisfaction is extremely significant in a firm as the productivity of a firm depends on it. If the employees are satisfied, they will provide enhanced quality of performance in an optimal time and thereby leading to a positive development in the profits. The employees who are satisfied are more likely to be innovative and creative and thereby coming up with the ideas that permits the firm to change and develop in a positive manner with the transitions in the market and time. The employee satisfaction has been becoming more interesting for those firms who are inclusive of the all the sectors that have been performing in the economy (Cunningham 2016). The need for the employees for the strategic effort is looked upon as keeping the existing employees satisfied and thereby improving the rate of retention and reduces the associated costs of an increased turnover. The economy of Switzerland and the German speaking room has a developed financial structure and has various industries performing on a very high level within the environment. The employee levels in the countries have a very good stance and therefore the companies have been undertaking various external and internal motivational measures to keep employees motivated and thereby the development would be good and the country would be prospering. Employee job satisfaction and talent management are related closely and brains that are happy leads to creativity of the brains. Employee happiness and job satisfaction can be a big aspiration in the development of talent management because of their impact on loyalty, productivity and creativity of the employees. The employees who are talented are very interested in a lucid vision of how the firm is going ahead , but also in the opportunity to grow personally and enhance oneself. Research Problem It has been viewed that the research papers has the motive of answering the research issues by identifying the associated variables and thereby answering the issues in a suitable manner. The issues that is present in the companies that are operating in Switzerland has been to recruit talented and experienced employees and maintaining the level of motivation within the workplace and thereby keeping them satisfied and hence the employees would be motivated to operate in an effective manner. Gaining knowledge about the factors that keep employees motivated it is essential to understand the factors that satisfies the desires of the employees. Hence, this aspect will be examined in order to understand the impact of job satisfaction and motivation for the performance of employees. Research Objectives The objectives of the research are To evaluate the effect of job security on employee satisfaction and motivation To evaluate the impact of training and development on the empowerment of the employee satisfaction and employees To evaluate the impact of rewards and remuneration on the employee satisfaction and motivation on the performance of the employees While these questions have been discussed in theories and also based on research, there is no data available that looks at the topic in Switzerland. Most research papers mention the importance of the factors and effects of employee motivation and job satisfaction as stated above in a generalized manner. The research conducted so far discuss the topic mostly on a wider version regarding the need and significance of employee motivation and job satisfaction in the organizational performance as a whole and not specifically on aspects like employee performance. Therefore, it is necessary that this topic should be further researched in specific contexts like employee performance. Addressing such areas would help businesses and other organizations to provide effective solution to the frequent problem of increasing amount of de-motivated employees due to the lack of job satisfaction, which demonstrates a crucial effect on the organizational performance of the employees. Research Aim The goal of the paper has been to investigate the factors that have an impact on the motivation and satisfaction of the employees in the companies functioning in Switzerland. Research Questions The research questions are the challenges that I willtry to recognise thereby concluding the paper in an effective manner. The questions are as follows: Q1. What effect does job security have on employee motivation? Q2. What effect does training and development have on employee satisfaction and motivation? Q3. What role does rewards and remuneration play in employee motivation? Q4. How is employee satisfaction and motivation related to employee performance? Q5. What effect does job security have on the employees in Switzerland? Q6. What effect does training and development programs have on the employees in Switzerland companies? Q7. What effect do rewards and remuneration have on the employees of Switzerland? Q8. How does employee motivation relate with employee performance in the Switzerland organizations? Literature Review Introduction This part of the thesis looks to examine reports and the journals that have been published by other authors who have concluded similar research. These reports and the journals play a key role in helping the authors in creating the existing thesis. The previous researches function as a recommendation with the help of which the researcher can conclude the paper in a suitable manner and thereby can conclude how employee motivation has been able to have an impact on the performance of the employees (Lau and Roopnarain 2014). The variables that are related to the topic under consideration will be investigated in the review of literature in association to what the authors have recommended in order to move forward with the research paper. Theories of job satisfaction A series of comprehensive theories are available that are related to job satisfaction. The aim has been to provide a model for gaining knowledge not only about the factors that have an influence on the attributes but even why it leads to such impacts. Hertzbergs Two Factor Theory The research undertaken by Hertzberg has ascertained what individuals actually require from their jobs. The employees had to explain the work scenario in which they feel comfortable or dissatisfied in their job. The answers that have been received were then diversified into dissatisfaction and satisfaction. The features associated to the job satisfaction are inclusive of the recognition, advancement and the work itself, development and responsibilities. It has been referred to these features as the motivators. The features associated to dissatisfaction include the supervision. According to Dobre(2013), Hertzbergs two factor theory is a significant reference for managers who like to gain knowledge about job satisfaction and associated performance of the job satisfaction issues of employees. Yusofet al. (2017) cites that this theory is an effective reminder that there are two significant aspects of all the jobs with respect to what employees perform with respect to the job tasks and the setting of the work which they perform. Mikkelsen, Jacobsen and Andersen(2017) explain that managers should look to terminate poor sources of hygiene of the job satisfaction in the working environment in order to construct factors that are satisfying for the job content to increase the job satisfaction opportunities. This theory is authentic and important for such kind of assessment as it identifies that the employees have two classes of needs that function within them and both of them should be highlighted. This theory is therefore acting as a guide for the researcher in con structing determinant of the employee satisfaction in the companies functioning in various countries. Motivation Ina complex and dynamic environment the leader establishes the atmosphere within which the employees obtain trust and have been given the power to take decisions in the company that can lead to the generation of an extent of motivation for the employees and thereby the performance of the company can be enhanced. Gopal and Chowdhury(2014) have cited that performance act as a function of individual motivation, structure and resistance to bring in transformations in the organizational strategy, which acts as a pragmatic role that is related to motivation in the organization. Conversely, Kim and Scullion(2013) have addressed that the development of the human resource management with the assistance of the financial remunerations, the changes in the behaviour of the firm and the rewards that has established a huge extent of argument in the arena of sales performance with respect to the human resource management. According to Njoroge and Yazdanifard(2014), the development of relationship among the management and the employees in mentoring programs of the firm has led to employees who are motivated and thereby remain committed to the organization. Conversely, Frederiksen, Knudsen and Magnusson(2014) has undertaken an instance in one corporate establishment by exploiting the process of balanced score card and have found that the company result increases if the employees is getting provided with motivation that is positive in nature. The establishment of the targets has been done with respect to the operations based and will support in the provision of the strategic suggestions by authorising the evaluation of the actual performance against the target that have been based with respect to the goals of the organization. The feedback that is strategic in nature and the attitude that has been goal directive and are projected to enhance the organizational performance. Muogbo(2013) has addressed that there are no activity factor that needs to be scared of the impacts of the extrinsic rewards in motivation. Zammit(2015) has addressed and framed a model that is in respect to the strategic arrangement, company performance and the extent of motivation in the aspect of the balanced score card and found that effective strategic arrangement influences and empowers the executives. The managers motivate the employees to function in a work design that is in nature participative in which they permissible and gains it together which makes them responsible for their performance. Gupta and Shaw(2014) has addressed the fact that the rewards that are financial in nature can be discovered as a tough determinant for the motivation and satisfaction of the employees and achievement that can lead to the essential outcome in accordance to the level of the organization. Antoniet al.(2015) has identified those significant issues of the research with respect to the work design of the job and the practic es in order to motivate the employee performance in order to desire the global problems. Victor(2014) has highlighted that motivation assists motivation supports in the sharing of the knowledge with the help of social media process that can be intra-organizational and thereby can assist in the accomplishment of the objectives and the goals. Sanyal and Biswas(2014) highlighted that the impact of quality performing working mechanism are even known as the human resource management on the measures that are everlasting with respect to the performance of the organization. Zameeret al.(2014) recognises that the employees have the mind set and the spirit to discover the intention and the explanation of their role and motivation to be a segment of the community and hence undertaking the roles that are inspiring and essential for them to partake a high extent with an outlook to the individual and social development. Employee Motivation Muslim, Dean and Cohen(2016) have proposed a huge mind-set with deference to which the management cannot influence the employees and the administration can just influence what the employees have been inspired to undertake. As per Olafsenet al. 2015(), providing enhancement and training programs that effectively adds to the professional and self-awareness development of the employees is a productive process for the purpose of employee motivation. Korzynski(2015) has cautioned that motivational segments of improvement and training activities to be increased and appropriately they require be proposing and consolidating by a third party with knowledge about experience and competency. The alternate working patterns like job-sharing, work rotation and adaptable working hours have been marked as a proficient motivational method. Besides, Irfan and Lodhi(2015) argues about that motivational parts of the substitute working patterns alongside their different advantages have been supplemented by raising the quantity of organizations and on the other hand at the same time several firms have been deserted from accepting advantages of such open doors. An intrigue perspective concerning the issue has been advanced by () as for which the individuals from the management particularly ought to have the capacity to sustain the level of their own inspiration at larger levels soas to take part in proficient motivationto their subordinates. In this manner,Sukoco(2017) recommends that the administration should fuse the methodologies that are pro-active in nature as for taking part in motivational rehearses. Furthermore, McGregor and Doshi(2015) proposes focusing on particular varieties of the intangible motivational systems like birthday festivities and other key dates with the dynamic participation of the entire group. As indicated by Ncube, C.M. and Samuel(2014) the key test of motivation in the working environments is identifying what kind of motivation each employees need as for their individual contrasts. In different aspects, the individual contrasts have been featured by Kniesetal.(2015) as the key confinement for the management in engaging in employee motivation in an exact manner. Cherian and Jacob(2013) has attracted attention regarding the rising accuracy of the work-life balance issues for the existingemployees and concentrates their negative effect in the degree of employee motivation. Distinctively, Zme?nk(2014) refers to that unless the employees achieve an adequate level of work life balance in the individual level, the interest in the management on the degree of employee motivation can be wasted. Kaur(2013) states that the above-stated viewpoint has been dependent on the Hierarchy of Needs theoretical frameworkwhich says that there is a particular chain of importance for the individual prerequisites and the more simple human necessities that should be fulfilled in order for the following level needs to perform as motivators. Among the major motivators is also stated the importance of job security as a motivator. Some of the ways in which organizations can bring about job security among the employees are through employee contracts and implementation of measures like labour legislations. There are different components that are related to employee motivation that affects the new businesses that are runnignin Switzerland and different parts of the world. The elements can be distinctedinto extrinsic and intrinsic components on how they have an effect on employee motivation. The level of employee motivation is imperative for a new business as the viability of the employees would enhance the organizational performance. Research Gap It is evident from the above discussion that there has been some investigation performed on the factors and effects of employee motivation driving employee performance. Much of the research focuses on the factors like incentives and other monetary factors that can possibly effect positively on employee motivation thereby increasing the employees performance and productivity. However, it is important to acquire an understanding of how the non-monetary factors of employee motivation like job security, training and development, and rewards and recognition can affect employee performance. Moreover, most of the research conducted in this area focuses on the problem in a generalized manner. Not much of the studies focuses on the extent of employee motivation affecting the employees organizational performance in the context of the business organizations present in Switzerland. Furthermore, in spite of the researches conducted on this area, much of the employees still stand de-motivated in t he face of the business organizations present today. Therefore, this research paper will focus on bridging this existing gap in the previously conducted research by focussing on how the internal and external factors of employee motivation especially job security, rewards and remuneration, training and development help in motivating the employees of Switzerland organizations towards better organizational performance. Conceptual Framework The conceptual model discusses about the variables that are related to this paper and especially employee motivation and hence helpthe author to gain knowledge about the factors that have an effect on the degree of the operations of the firms that operate in Switzerland. The conceptual framework looks as follows:(DAS SOLLTE AUCH MIT WORTEN BESCHRIEBEN WERDEN) Table 1: Conceptual Framework (sources: Josipa Kern, 2018) Research Methodology Introduction The procedure of the research has the goal of explaining the method that would be embraced so as to collect the information in a successful manner and accordingly conclude the paper regarding the research goals and aims. The procedure of accumulating the dataplays a key part as this guides the researcher to gather the data that would be successful for the paper and consequently mitigating with any odds of false data that is accessible to the researcher(Asim 2013). The methodology comprises the design of the research, research approach, procedure of data gathering, analysis of the data, data validity and reliability and the ethicswith the help of whichthe author can have an idea regarding the components that have an effect on employee motivation. Research Design Research design summarizes the methodology briefly. The paper will be designed as such that will be the most convenient keeping in mind the end goal. The research will be conducted by collecting quantitative and qualitative data through a mixed method. In order to pursue the desired results, the research will also provide for the collection of primary data through interviews and circulation of questionnaires. The research sample would include employees as well as employers from a few known organizations of Switzerland. A qualitative and quantitative analysis will be performed on the data for the achieving the results. Research Approach The research approach clarifies the procedure that would be taken with the assistance of which the data would be inspected and the presumptions would be approved. There are two sorts of approaches that are accessible to the researchers and they are inductive and deductive process. With respect to this paper, there has been perception that the analyst has hoped to make utilization of the deductive technique as this paper would analyze the elements that have been explained by the past researches. This paper would cross inspect and after that accumulate the data keeping in mind the end goal to survey the data received from the respondents and consequently complete the paper effectively(Nieet al. 2015). Data Collection Strategy and Distribution There are various sorts of systems that are accessible to the analysts which they can use keeping in mind the end goal to gather the data. It is reliant to pick the process that is best for this paper. This theory depends on surveying the variables that have an impact on employee motivation and consequently, the most exact data would be accumulated from the responses of the participants who are working in the companies in Switzerland. There has been a perception that reactions of the respondents would be the best data as new and perspective of the employees of the organizations with respect to motivation can be known effectively(Ahamed and Sunderasan 2016). Thus, the paper has gathered information with the assistance of questionnaire. The survey would involve close ended questions that are identified with the point and consequently would help the respondents to answer the issues that are related with the theme. The questionnaires would be forwarded among the chosen members through el ectronic mail and eye to eye meeting and they would be given a time limit inside which they need to present the questionnaire to the researcher. The data that would be assembled from the surveys would be arranged with a specific end goal to remove the questionnaires that have not been finished. The information that is accessible from the finished surveys is put away in an appropriate place and accordingly can be utilized with the end goal of the research. Data Collection Techniques The information that would be gathered would be experienced different statistical tools with the assistance of which the information can be utilized to evaluate the issues that are germane to the point. The information would be evaluated with the assistance of SPSS software with the assistance of which answers could be featured. The paper has picked a sample size of 50 respondents from a huge pool of representatives keeping in mind the end goal to assemble the appropriate response that is required for this research. Research Sample The research sample would containemployees as well as employers from various business organizations of Switzerland. The sampling method would be of a non-probability one as the organizations from where the employees are to be interviewed and surveyed will be decided beforehand. The chosen sample would be the most beneficial as it would bring about most effective response to the specific questions pertaining to their experience in the industry sector. The employees will be able to answer and thereby demonstrate their level of satisfaction within the communities and the employers would be able to present their ideas on the extent of the effectiveness of their employee motivation policies. Data Analysis Method The quantitative data collected, that is the data collected from the surveys conducted among employees, will be analyzed with the help of statistical tool like frequency distribution. This method would help in realizing the number of people responding similarly or differently in the context of one question. The qualitative data, that is the data collected from the interview sessions, will be analyzed by the help of the constant comparative method. In this method, the data collected from the interviewing the employers on the extent to which they think their employee motivation policies are successful, will be compared with the data and the satisfaction level of the employees as determined from the survey conducted. Reliability and Validity of Research A mixed method of research will be undertaken for the purpose of conducting this research. Since the research will involve the use of primary data, it can be stated that the data collected will be reliable, as it would not involve use of any secondary source. The data collected would be measured using the SPSS tool, which would ensure the authenticity and validity of the data. Such a process of measurement would provide valid results as the data would be present and accessed from an authentic database. Research Advantages The research methodology has certain advantages. First, the methodology requires a survey to be conducted among the employees of the Switzerland companies which will assure the point of views of the employees. Second, since the data collected will be primary in nature, it can be said that the data will be authentic nature. Third, since a huge number of participants from various companies will be interviewed and surveyed the data can be compared on a larger scale making the results more reliable. Fourth, the large sample size would allow the inflow diverse data helping the analyst to gain diverse perspectives on the problem. Research Limitations The research process might have certain limitations. First, the answers of the employers might be biased and might lack objectivity. Second, there might be technical failures when circulating the survey questionnaires electronically. Third, the employers might not be cooperative. Fourth and finally, the survey responses might be manipulated by imposition of the views of other employees. Ethics The research ethics of the paper hopes to answer the data that would be assembled for finishing up the paper with the assistance of ethical codes that are accessible to the researcher so the information that has been utilized can be observed to be genuine and true. This mitigates the odds of the availability of any false data in the paper and hence genuine outcomes can be gained.The ethical codes that will be followed will also include the maintenance of privacy of the participants. It will be ensured that no sensitive data is disclosed. It will also be ensured that no participant will have to participate in research under any coercion and that no data will be manipulated. 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Car uses a very effective method while writing his persuasive essay â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid? † Carr clearly explains how he is in favor of how the Internet is making us thing and how the Internet is making us think differently. Carr pulls from various credible sources such as professors and studies in order to back up his theory on the Internet. Carr opens with an example from Space Odyssey and ends on the same example, which ties the essay up nicely. He explains how our brains can become wired differently due to the way we receive or write information, such as the alphabet in relation to Chinese ideographs. He pulls from credible professors and studies to back up his claims. Carr also talks about what the future may hold for the Internet and us in terms of search engines. His layout is his ideas, research or studies that back it up, and then the why or how of the idea. We will write a custom essay sample on Is google making us stupid summary or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He does this multiple times in his essay, which makes it a convincing, well-written essay. Carr also appears well versed on the essay topic and cites credible sources as well, which helps making it more convincing. He also didn’t focus on one idea or theory to do with the Internet he made other claims that made the essay well rounded and helped keep the readers attention. He also uses hyperboles in order to stress his points; he references the term â€Å"Pancake people† which illustrates the way our culture is changing due to the Internet. He also uses a phrase along the lines of I used to be a scuba diver now I’m a jet skiing in the world of knowledge and reading. He paints a vivid picture and effectively communicates his ideas. The argument he presented made me think about how past technology has affected the way we think and how we receive our information. While I agree with the points he is making I do believe his ideas are a bit drastic. Carr debusses the fact he is a bit paranoid and I agree with that, I also appreciate the fact that as a writer Carr knows his limits and knows that the essay and ideas he are presenting are bias. Although the Internet is affecting the way we think I do not think it will make a momentous difference in everyday life. Carr did make me think about my own personal experience with the Internet and with the way I use it. I agree at times that I do skim and do not read deeply into articles, I still am a avid book reader and essay reader as well. So although I agree that the Internet is turning us all into ADHD readers I do not believe it is not as extreme as Carr claims this problem to be. Nonetheless, he wrote a very convincing and interesting persuasive essay, it sparks discussion and personal thinking as well. From the essay and assignment I learned what makes a convincing persuasive, informative essay and I will pull ideas from Carr’s writing while writing my Unit two essay.