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Salome From the New Testament and Josephus

Salome, a woman from the first century and early Christian period, is identified with a woman in the New Testament.   Famous for the (likely legend, not history) Dance of the Seven Veils. Dates: about 14 C.E. – about 62 C.E. Sources The historical account of Salome is included in Jewish Antiquities, book 18, chapters 4 and 5, by Flavius Josephus. The story in the Christian scripture, Mark 6:17-29 and Matthew 14:3-11, is identified with this historical account, though the name of the dancer is not mentioned in the New Testament. The Biblical Story Herod Antipas asked his stepdaughter to dance for him at a banquet, and promised her anything she asked for in return. Prompted by her mother, Herodias, who had been angered that John the Baptist had criticized her marriage to Herod, Salome asked for the head of John the Baptist as her reward – and her stepfather granted this request. Berenice, Grandmother of Salome Salome’s mother was Herodias, a daughter of Aristobulus IV and Berenice, who were cousins. Berenice’s mother, also named Salome, was a daughter of a sister of Herod the Great. Berenice’s children by Aristobulus IV were known as Herod Agrippa I, Herod of Chalcis, Herodias, Mariamne III, and Aristobulus Minor.   Aristobulus IV was the son of Herod the Great and his wife Mariamne I.   In 7 BCE, Herod the Great had his son Aristobulus killed; Berenice remarried. Her second husband, Theudion, was a brother of the first wife of Herod the Great, Doris.   Theudion was executed for his part in a conspiracy against Herod. Herodias, Mother of Salome At the time of the Biblical incident, in which she figures, Herodias was married to Herod, son of Herod the Great.   She had first been married to another son of Herod the Great, Herod II, whose mother was Mariamne II.   The Gospel of Mark names this husband as Philip.   Herodias was the half-niece of Herod II, who was, for a time, the presumptive heir of his father.   Salome was their daughter. But when Herod II’s older brother, Antipater III, opposed his father’s choice of heir, Herod the Great put Herod II second in line of succession. But then Antipater was executed, and Antipater’s mother persuaded Herod the Great to remove Herod II as successor.   Herod the Great then died. Herodias’ Second Marriage Herod Antipas was the son of Herod the Great and his fourth wife, Malthace. He was thus a half-brother of Herod II and Antipater III. He was given Galilee and Perea to rule as tetrarch. According to Josephus, and implied in the Biblical story, is that Herodias’ marriage to Herod Antipas was scandalous. Josephus says she was divorced from Herod II while he was still living, then married to Herod Antipas.   The Biblical story has John the Baptist publicly criticizing this marriage, and being arrested by Herod Antipas. Key Popular Depictions of Salome Numerous paintings depict Salome dancing or serving John’s head on a platter. This was a popular theme in medieval and Renaissance art. Gustave Flaubert wrote a story, Hà ©rodias, and Oscar Wilde a play Salomà ©. Operas based on Herodias or Salome included Hà ©rodiade by Jules Massenet, Salome by Richard Strauss and Salomà © by French composer Antoine Mariotte.   The latter two operas were based on Wilde’s play. Mark 6:17-29 (from the King James Version of the New Testament) 7  For Herod himself had sent forth and laid hold upon John, and bound him in prison for Herodias’ sake, his brother Philip’s wife: for he had married her.  18  For John had said unto Herod, It is not lawful for thee to have thy brother’s wife.  19  Therefore Herodias had a quarrel against him, and would have killed him; but she could not:  20  for Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man and an holy, and observed him; and when he heard him, he did many things, and heard him gladly.  21  And when a convenient day was come, that Herod on his birthday made a supper to his lords, high captains, and chief  estates  of Galilee;  22  and when the daughter of the said Herodias came in, and danced, and pleased Herod and them that sat with him, the king said unto the damsel, Ask of me whatsoever thou wilt, and I will give  it  thee.  23  And he sware unto her, Whatsoever thou shalt ask of me, I will give  it  thee, unto the h alf of my kingdom.  24  And she went forth, and said unto her mother, What shall I ask? And she said, The head of John the Baptist.  25  And she came in straightway with haste unto the king, and asked, saying, I will that thou give me by and by in a charger the head of John the Baptist.  26  And the king was exceeding sorry;  yet  for his oath’s sake, and for their sakes which sat with him, he would not reject her.  27  And immediately the king sent an executioner, and commanded his head to be brought: and he went and beheaded him in the prison,  28  and brought his head in a charger, and gave it to the damsel: and the damsel gave it to her mother.  29  And when his disciples heard  of it, they came and took up his corpse, and laid it in a tomb.

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Feminism and Racism in African American Literature

Throughout literature, feminism and racism have played crucial roles in the lives of the characters and plotlines in stories and novels. Audiences are captivated by the drama a character must face in order to succeed in life or society. This struggle to overcome personal discrimination and adversity has transcended centuries and genres of literature. African American literature is no exception. Authors of African American literature would base the events that were taking place in the world around them and incorporate them into their novels. Often times this was the only voice African Americans had in society. The treatment of African Americans in America was filled with brutality and hate. However, they have also suffered by the attempts†¦show more content†¦They quickly begin a secret relationship, and before long she runs away with him to get married. However, she will soon learn that life with Joe is no fairy tale either. Joe, or as Janie called him Jody, had dreams of becoming a big voice in Eatonville, Florida. He soon becomes mayor, postmaster, storekeeper, and even the biggest landlord in the town. He viewed Janie as a typical trophy wife who was to be seen and never heard from. He hoped to transform her into what he felt the perfect example of a mayors wife should be. She was beautiful, and in his opinion, should provide a certain example of how a woman of character should behave. At first she gives into Jodys ideas on how she should be acting; however, after 20 years of being silent, Janie finally has her fill. The store that Jody and Janie owned had become a hang out for several of the men in Eatonville. It was a place for them to swap stories about their days and even their families. Jody, wanting to be an example of how an important member of society was to act, never wanted to be outdone by these men. He would not allow her to express her opinions or thoughts, and would not allow her to stand up for herself or women when she overheard the degrading conversations that the men were having. He made a constant effort to prove his control over Janie byShow MoreRelatedLangston Hughes : Black Poets Impact On African American Literature857 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity Black Poets Impact In African American Literature Michael Winston English 132-11 Prof. Dr. Harmon 11-20-2017 African American literature is literature written from African descents that focused on the early time to recent time movements. Early as the 1700’s and late as the 1900’s where African American literature was in progress. Poetry was a substantial part of African American literature, because black poets talked about culture, racism, slavery, and equality rights. BlackRead MoreBlack Oppression By Huey P. Newton1202 Words   |  5 PagesMost of the literature on black oppression fails to take into account the struggle of black women in a society filled with injustice. As evidenced in Huey P. Newtons â€Å"To Die for the People† Newton argues that the black man often blames himself for his own failure because he lacks the sophistication needed to understand that society, and parenting have failed him. He believes that political institutions attempt to hold black people captive. Newton states, â€Å"the black male faces a hostile environmentRead MoreRace And Gender Roles : The Women On The Porch As Southern Gothic Literature893 Words   |  4 PagesSouthern literature, the portrayal of female characters evolved along side with the Southern culture. Female characters became more independent, strong-willed, and hardworking. Even African Americans became the main characters in Southern literature. In â€Å"Caroline Gordon’s Ghosts: The Women on the Porch as Southern Gothic Literature†, Tanfer Tunc discusses the evolution of the female character in Southern literature. Tunc also notes that traces of racism can still be found in Southern literature. EvenRead MoreYou Can t Write An Honest Novel About Race1492 Words   |  6 Pagesbook is about the immigrant’s quest: self-invention, which is  the  American subject† (Raboteau). However, no academic articles have been written about the novel. This thesis will argue that Americanah offers an outside perspective on what it means to be black in America and therefore contributes to understanding the notion of race and gender in African American literature. The first chapter will describe African American literature and the role of race and gender. The second chapter will explain postcolonialRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Their Eyes Were Watching God 1065 Words   |  5 PagesAditya Ramkumar Ms. Gould Honors American Literature 7 April 2017 The Analysis of Race Relations instead of Feminism Throughout the history of the United States, race relations have proven to be a major issue. From slavery in the early years of the nation to Jim Crow laws, African Americans have been continually oppressed in US history. The Harlem Renaissance, provoked by national prosperity in the Roaring 20s, propelled the progress of creative writing within the black community, helping form aRead MoreAfrican American And Post Colonial Criticism1341 Words   |  6 Pages2017 African American and Post-Colonial Criticism The discussion of African American theory must begin with the discussion of the exclusion of African American history and literature in education in order to maintain what Tyson calls â€Å"the cultural hegemony†, which is the prominence and control of white people in America. The reason why they are not included is because, as Tyson says, the inclusion of African American writings and history upsets the racist stereotypes presented about African AmericanRead MoreResearch on Women of Color1972 Words   |  8 PagesOverarching research on women of color (African American, Native American, Latina/Hispanic, Pacific Islander American, and Asian American) and the impact of racism and sexism as interrelated constructs on their academic aspirations is limited. A few scholarly pieces that explore racism and sexism as intersecting constructs, primarily focus on understanding the relationship between these isms and the mental health of women of color (DeBlaere Bertsch, 2013; DeBlaere , Brewster, Bertsch, DeCarlo, KegelRead More Symbolism in Desirees Baby by Kate Chopin Essay944 Words   |  4 Pagesforeshadows an unpleasant ending to the story. Throughout Desirees Baby, Kate Chopin uses symbolism to convey her themes of racial prejudice, unequal gender roles, and social hierarchy in a patriarchal society. During Chopins lifetime, African Americans were considered inferior to whites and often worked as slaves for the wealthy, white families in the south. Early in the story the narrator describes the scenery of the plantation, LAbri, and says, young Aubignys rule was a strict one, tooRead MoreToni Morrison And Virginia Woolfs The Bluest Eye1629 Words   |  7 Pagesthe truth. These women, have in fact, made a tremendous impact on society and sculpted the way we see things in the world today. Toni Morrison, author of The Bluest Eye, challenged the Essentialists’ claim by making a novel about racism, and how it affected African American culture in the 20th century. Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, challenged this notion by addressing issues about sexual violence and political issues, except in the shape of an extremist and dystopian world. MoreoverRead MoreEssay on Themes in Song Of Solomon2113 Words   |  9 Pagesof the most talented and successful Africa n-American authors of our time. Famous for works such as The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Beloved, Morrison has cultivated large audiences of all ethnicities and social classes with her creative style of writing. It is not Morrison’s talent of creating new stories that attracts her fans. In contrast, it is her talent of revising and modernizing traditional Biblical and mythological stories that have been present in literature for centuries. Morrison replaces the

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Performance Management of Woolsworth Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Performance Management of Woolsworth. Answer: Woolsworth is one of the renowned retail market chains in all over the world. It is known to be the southern hemispheric retail group. Their head office is located in South Africa. They are consisting of three major operating divisions. Being the head quarters located in South Africa, they are currently operating across 11 countries all throughout the world. Woolworths Financial Services (WFS) is a joint collaboration between Barclays Africa Group and Woolworths, with Barclays Africa Group owning 50% + 1 share (Mertens et al. 2016). The WFS board comprises of the directors from both Barclays Africa Group and WHL, with the proper direction on the policy of credit, risk and funding aspects which are being received from Barclays and direction on the integration on customer from Woolworths. These particular groups support employments to more than 43000 employees all across the 14 countries and do its businesses in 13000 locations of the stores or even more (Dos Santos, Svensson and Padin 2013). Woolsworths mainly focuses only with the goals, they mainly prioritizes: Developing a culture and the teams for dealing the store set ups and the customers Developing their business on the beverages for providing more values and the convenient services for the customers Issuing the sales momentum sustainably for selling the food items Becoming a lean retailer through end-to-end process and in maintenance in the systems Empowering the companys business in portfolio for pursuing the strategies for delivering the values to the shareholders (Swan 2016) Stakeholders are another most important part of any particular retail organizations. Their role always deals with the deepening in the relationships for supporting the creativity of the proportions those values in a sustainable manner. Their engagement and developing the relationships with the company always considered to be one of the integral parts of the business. Setting up of the cross functional team for developing an engagement framework that have been shifted from the engagement of the stakeholders to a particular inclusive models. This bonding helps in building the strong relationships, reputations and lastly trusts for adding spice on the reputations of the particular stakeholders. Performance indicator is considered to be the values that can be measured. In general, organizations utilize the KPI score for detecting the rate and the quality score of the particular organizations (Mertens et al. 2016). Performing the right things not only means treating the employees and the individuals nicely or properly but also maintain the surroundings of Woolsworth with that of the policies, career progressions, work, travel and loads more Performance strategies for any organizations are generally dealt with that of the training procedures of the employees serving the organizations, providing each and every employee a free counseling. Incentives could be another strategy for improving the employee performances (Dos Santos, Svensson and Padin 2013). Woolsworth must monitor its strategies along with the MetricStreamsSustainability Performance Management Solution that provides Woolworths a centralized framework for capturing, managing, and tracking each suppliers energy, waste, water and metrics of the soil, along with the compliance status. This particular solution assists an approach that is considered to be systematic, automated, and integrated to the entire lifecycle ofperformance management sustainably (Swan 2016). Being the manager of the company, I am taking the initiation for conducting the project as per to the plan that was being taken into the consideration. The meeting will be take place in the conference room with the managers of the performance team and the project oriented team. The topic of discussion will be how to improve the performance of the employees by hiking in the incentive schemes, by arranging the counseling procedures for creating the working ambience free from any political disputes among the employees and for participating in these as it will be the motivation for them along with the development of the motivation. The entire meeting for the development of the performance of the employees has been approved by the higher authorities and the stakeholders as well. Employee performance is one of the key for the sustainable development of the company. The employees must come to their workplace in a proper mental stability and raise their performance. The meeting minutes can be listed for this particular agenda are: Actions are taken as per to themanagement for the performance of the employees The next steps can be the counseling techniques for providing the mental stability to the employees Even the results are being calculated if required for implementing any strategies for the performance management Motions like, hikes in the incentive schemes, providing free counseling to the employees are being taken and are incorporated Steps like, recreation for the employees in between the work are being held Next meeting date is not yet decided References AO Dos Santos, M., Svensson, G. and Padin, C., 2014. Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable business practices: framework and empirical illustration. Corporate Governance, 14(4), pp.515-530. Dos Santos, M.A., Svensson, G. and Padin, C., 2013. Indicators of sustainable business practices: Woolworths in South Africa. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 18(1), pp.104-108. Mertens, W., Recker, J., Kummer, T.F., Kohlborn, T. and Viaene, S., 2016. Constructive deviance as a driver for performance in retail. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 30, pp.193-203. Swan, P.L., 2016. Mandated divorce: company boards, incentives and performance.

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10 Tips for the SAT Essay

10 Tips for the SAT Essay 1. Follow the rules.Don’t score a zero for failing to follow instructions. Use the essay paper that is provided. Do not write in your booklet. Do not change the question. Do not use a pen. 2. Divide your time. You will have twenty-five minutes to write your essay. As soon as you begin, make a note of the time and give yourself benchmarks and limits. For example, give yourself five minutes to brainstorm for main points (which will become topic sentences), one minute to come up with a great introduction, two minutes to organize your examples into paragraphs, etc. 3. Take a stance. You will be writing about an issue. Readers judge essays on the depth and complexity of the argument you make (and you will be taking a side), so be sure to show that you understand both sides of the issue you’re writing about. However, you can’t be wishy washy! You will pick one side and explain why it is right. Demonstrate that you understand both sides, but pick one and explain why it is correct. 4. Don’t get hung up if you don’t actually have strong feelings one way or the other on a subject. You don’t have to feel guilty about saying things you don’t really believe. Your task is to show that you can craft a complex argument essay. That means you will have to make specific statements about your position and expound upon your individual points. Just take a side and argue it! 5. Don’t try to change the subject. It may be tempting to change the question to something that is more to your liking. Don’t do that! Readers are instructed to assign a zero score to an essay that doesn’t answer the question provided. If you try to change your question, even slightly, you are taking a risk that the reader will not like your answer. 6. Work with an outline! Use the first few minutes to brainstorm as many thoughts as possible; organize those thoughts into a logical pattern or outline; then write as quickly and neatly as you can. 7. Talk to your reader. Remember that the person scoring your essay is a person and not a machine. As a matter of fact, the reader is a trained educator- and most likely a high school teacher. As you write your essay, imagine that you are talking to your favorite high school teacher. We all have one special teacher who always talks with us and treats us like adults and actually listens to what we have to say. Imagine that you are talking to this teacher as you write your essay. 8. Start with a fabulous or surprising introductory sentence to make a great first impression. Examples:Issue: Should cell phones be banned from school property?First sentence: Ring, ring!Note: You would follow up on this with well-crafted, fact-filled statements. Don’t try too much cute stuff!Issue: Should the school day be extended?First sentence: No matter where you live, the longest period of any school day is the last one. 9. Vary your sentences to show that you have a command of sentence structure. Use complex sentences sometimes, mid-sized sentences sometimes, and two-word sentences a few times to make your writing more interesting. Alsodon’t keep repeating the same point by rewording it several ways. Readers will see right through that. 10. Write neatly. Neatness counts to some degree, in that the reader must be able to read what you’ve written. If your writing is notoriously difficult to read, you should print your essay. Don’t get too hung up on neatness, though. You can still cross out mistakes that you catch as you proofread your work. The essay represents a first draft. Readers will like to see that you did, in fact, proof your work and that you recognized your mistakes. Further reading: How to Write a Descriptive Essay

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The face Essay Example

The face Essay Example The face Essay The face Essay Essay Topic: The Haunting Of Hill House Tears stream down his cheeks as he slams the door and hits the light switch, instantly covering the room with darkness. He can still hear them screaming and fighting although the door muffles the sounds coming from his parents bedroom. His tears gradually turn to muted sobs as he buries his face deeper into his soft pillows. For once the fight isnt about him, for once it isnt his name they are screaming, but still he feels he is to blame, he is at faultTime passes but to him it doesnt matter, it doesnt exist. The screaming from his parents bedroom has stopped, but it still echoes through his mind. Every word, every shed tear a vivid, his tears stop yet the echo resides as he reaches for the lighter hidden in the back of his bedside draw. Why am I such a wimp? He said to himself. He flicks on a flame and stares at it momentarily allowing his eyes to dance with the flame before lighting a candle he keeps on his window sill.The candle pushes back the darkness and bathes the room in a ge ntle warming glow a soothing glow, but to him its out of place, it doesnt belong just like him The homely glow of the candle is a mocking fire of happiness he will never achieve. Hurriedly he blows out the candle, the darkness embracing him once again. He paces the length of his room, trying to get his mind away from the screaming voices causing his ears to ring momentarily. Eventually his mind drifts away from the angry voices of his parents but his mind focuses on another voice. A voice he doesnt know, yet the voice sounds familiar to him.He stops his pacing. Giving the voice, this soothing voice his full attention, the voice scares him. He feels the hair on the back of his neck rise and floods his body as this disquieting yet irresistible voice whispers.Light the candle Simon He finds himself compelled no matter how unwilling he is to obey whispering to himself.Yes, I will light the candle. He stands in front of the candle staring at its flame, yet it doesnt feel right, there is another presence in his room he feels petrified yet again the voice that only he can hear whispers almost commandingly to him.Thank you Simon. Now let me see your face, turn and face me! Unwillingly he turns, hesitant, scared at what he might find, he hasnt looked up just yet, keeping his eyes fixed on the floor by his feet, as the voice invades his thoughts almost sounding deafening as it comes with its familiar whisper.Why wont you look at me Simon? Simon raise your eyes and face me! Like a puppet he slowly raises his gaze only to find he stands facing his own reflection in the mirror, his breathe catches fast in his throat.The voice was his! The strange presence in his room was his own reflection! Yet something is different something is wrong with his reflectionIt is him yes, but it is not, it looks gaunt, the eyes hold no life only a glazed reflection, an imitation of his pity life. The voice intrudes upon him, a hint of coldhearted laughter in its toneWhy do you look so shocked Simon? Does your own reflection scare you? The reflection said, as if trying to taunt him. The voice chuckles softly in content.Do not worry Simon, for I am not what you are now. I am your dead self. Another chuckle followed by a sigh.For you see Simon When you are to die this is what you would look likeThe voice drowned his mind into a sea of confusion; Simon was scared, unsure, desperately seeking a logical explanation for this. After a few minutes of deathly silence Simon was uncertain if his eyes were deceiving him but the reflection, his reflection seemed to become more vivid, more real, more threatening.Simon had had enough of this so called illusion; he removed his eyes away from the mirror, spinning around and douses the candle with his fingers, breathing heavily, body trembling from shock and confusion. Slowly he crawled his bed eyeing the place on his dark wall where his mirror was. Many minutes passed before he entered a deep troubled sleep, and the final thing he heard in the moments before he drifted off into his dreams, he hoped is a rustle of the leaves and not the mirror haunting him.*** ***Simon woke up late the next morning; he ignored the bizarre events of the previous night shrugging it off as a nightmare. His parents had gone out, to where he didnt know and frankly he doesnt care. The only time the house is quiet is when they arent there.Finally another day in his life has ended and he has locked himself in his room; his parents had come home early. They had gone out shopping apparently, but Simon knew the truth as did both his parents, his dad had gone to the bar again; he stank of alcohol and couldnt stand straight for more than a minute without support, and his mum had gone to discuss work with a colleague, yet the makeup and the smell of another mans aftershave on her told Simon that she had gone to visit her boyfriend: which she did more and more these days. Yet his father was too drunk to notice.Before he had managed to stumble into the house he was already shouting, Simon wasnt sure if it was directed at him or his mother. To be honest he didnt care, he ran upstairs as his father struggled with the door, both doors slamming simultaneously, one open, one shut. Simon was safe from his drunken fathers ragefor now.As the sun dipped lower in the sky his fathers got louder and louder, until the walls echoed with his drunken anger. Finally the sun had faded behind the horizon and Simon could hide in the darkness. Slowly he closed his curtains watching the change of darkness.He is safe once again; the darkness smothers his fathers angry shouts and his mothers fearful sobs.He feels the presence in his room again, the one from the night before. This time he knows he is awake, turning he lights the candle and hurriedly he spins around as he gaunt reflection laughs almost happilyWhy, good evening Simon It smiles almost taunting him.Im glad you decided to return but tell me, why did you leave so last night, and who are yo u? Keeping his eyes on the mirror Simon slowly walked and sat down on his bed and to his startled surprise the reflection stayed standing facing him. His shock was all too evident to the impress of his reflection.Whats wrong Simon? You thought I would copy your every action didnt you? A triumphant cackle emits from the mirror as Simon nods solemnly in admission. What on earth made you assume that? We arent attached at the hip you knowSimon couldnt help but giggle at that obvious fact. Laughing for the first time in how long? He couldnt remember. Simon wasnt sure if his father had heard him or if he had decided he would be the outlet for his anger, but he was at his door banging on hard, the hinges groaning under the attack. Simons reflection glanced at door and turned to Simon whispering calmlyOpen the door Simon, let him in, Ill show him the errors of his ways. Mumbled his reflection. As much as Simon didnt want to, he got up and walked to his door watching it shake violently, as h e reached for the handle he realized that he wasnt shaking. His hands were still, he was oddly calm, slowly he unlocked the door.Before he had taken his hand away from the key his father had flung it open, knocking Simon across the room into a crumbled heap against the wall. He stormed across the room grabbing Simon and lifting his limp body off the floor, glaring at him with demonic eyes full of hatred. He raises his hand in a closed fist, doing the bidding of the demons but a voice stops him.Why hello there.Simons possessed father turned to the source of the voice and found he was staring at the mirror, but the mirror did not reflect his image no, it still reflected the dead gaunt reflection of Simon, a small deathly smile on its lips.Who the hell- or what the hell are you?! he bellows at the mirror, the reflection smiled and pointed at Simon with its semi withered and death persevered hand.That is who I am. Spoke Simons reflection confidently. The anger faded from Simons fathers face and was replaced with daze and confusionWha-? is all he managed to mumble. The ghostly visage of Simons reflection smiled and said nothing, just locked his gaze with Simons fathers hazy eyes. At first it was just a staring contest to him, but soon he started to panic, he was paralyzed in place, Simons limp body slipped from his fingers, he tried to blink but nothing. His eyes were burning but he couldnt relieve the sting. Soon this was the least of his worries, he felt the strength fade from his body, his body withering excruciatingly as the life was slowly being drained from him. Droplets of blood were slowly squeezing out his pores until there was a slowly continuous trickle of blood coming out of every available orifice and pore. His vision finally fading to black and the final audible sound other than the blood gurgling out his ears is the sound of every bone splintering in his shriveling crumbling form.Finally the reflection blinks letting Simons father fall free from his gaze. His body collapses to the blood soaked floor in a crumpled heap of empty skin and bone splinters.Hours passed until Simon finally woke up, sitting up slowly he wiped away the blood from his mouth, and his eyes focus on the ruined form of what was left of his father. Yet he doesnt scream, he doesnt cry instead he smiles softly, a blood chilling smile turning slowly to face his reflection in the mirror the smile not leaving his lips he whispers:Thank you His reflection returns the same cold, eerie smile embracing Simon in its gaze.Youre safe now Simon, I will protect you from anyone who dares try bring harm to you, but I need you to do something for me Simons smile slowly fades and his brow furrows in confusion, hesitantly he asks:What do you want me to do? His reflection smiles tracing its finger lightly over the mirror.Now, wheres your mother?

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Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Research Paper Example To this effect, cyberbullying may be described as the use of instruments or provisions of information and communication technologies such as cell phones, e-mails, chart rooms, instant messaging and online social forums such as Facebook, WassUp, Skype or Twitter to exact, convey or support harassment, issuance of threats or intimidation of an individual. Some circles in the legal fraternity usually define cyberbullying as the employment of IT-related technologies such as the Internet and a phone or a computer or a computer to harass or harm other people, deliberately, repeatedly and in a hostile manner. Others define cyberbullying as the use of technology to threaten, harass, target or embarrass another person. The latter definition is important in understanding aspects [particularly, the objectives] of cyberbullying. The only flaw in it is the wide qualification of technology. While technology is wide-ranging, cyberbullying is only specific to IT technology. In a closely related wave length, cyberbullying occurs among young people. In the event that adults are involved, it is more fitting to describe the act of using IT technology to harass, embarrass, threaten or target another individual as cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment. In respect to the foregoing, it is most sound and safer from controversy, to define and describe cyberbullying as the use of IT technology by a child or a teenager to harass, embarrass, threaten or target child or teenager. The Reality of the Threat of Cyberbullying Although majority of the US and the world’s population is convinced about the dangers of cyberbullying, yet there is general ignorance on the magnitude of this threat. The magnitude of the threat at hand is underscored by several programs and activities which the US government has sanctioned in response to the danger of cyberbullying. One of these programs is the Be safe and Sound in School program, which aims at improving the safety and security of the American nationà ¢â‚¬â„¢s schools through the mobilization of parents, elected officials, school administrators, policymakers and students. There is also a federal government-run website which is under the management of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Washington D.C. The website provides resources on cyberbullying and the conventional form of bullying and avails necessary tools, publications and training, as a way of preparing children against cyberbullying and bullying. There is also the New Cyberbullying Resource for Victim Service Providers and the New Cyberbullying Tip Sheet. That the US would go the length to form these agencies as a way of countering cyberbullying and bullying is telling on the prevalence of cyberbullying in America. As if the provisions of cyberbullying above are not enough, statistical provisions from the i-SAFE foundation continue to underscore the prevalence of cyberbullying. According to statistical provisions from i-SAFE, more than half of teenagers and a dolescents

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Research Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research Portfolio - Essay Example 81). Due to the increased level of global trade, the foreign exchange, market has grown since as early as 1980 to present. It is estimated that on average, global foreign exchange turnovers have increased from $1.7 trillion in the year 1998 to $3.98 trillion in the month of April, 2010 (Weithers, 2012, pp. 221). Amidst all this growth, the foreign exchange market has had its challenges and emerging issues which affect its operations and growth. One of the major challenges facing international trade is global and regional recessions such as the global credit crunch and the EU financial crisis. Economic openness or regions also highly impact the forex market. Some of the emerging issues in the foreign exchange market include financial instruments such as in spot transactions, forwards, swaps, future and options. Hedge funds have also developed with the growth of the forex market. The following project will be investigating the contemporary issues in the foreign exchange market and thei r effects Research questions First, what are the emerging financial instruments in the foreign exchange market and their effects on the market? Second, what are the effects of regional and global recessions on the foreign exchange market? Third, what is the relationship between economic openness of economies and the foreign exchange market? Fourth, what are the major determinants of the exchange rates in the global market? Fifth, what are the challenges in the foreign exchange market? Data To answer the first question, I will collect data from existing literature about developments in financial instruments in the dynamic foreign exchange market. These include turn overs in the options and future markets. Google scholar has credible sources on information. World Bank’s website ( has reliable data on facts such as volumes of forex exchange trade, economic openness of countries and variables which could indicate intensities of regional and global recessions. T hese include GDP and Public Debt levels of countries studies. Data will be collected over the period from 1990 to 2010 from countries most actively involved in the foreign exchange market such as the UK, Japan and the US Proposed methodology A correlation coefficient will be calculated to determine if there is any relationship between emerging issues, such as options, futures, economic openness and business cycles, and the development of the global foreign exchange market. I will use a regression model to estimate the effect of the former variable (emerging issues such as options and futures turnovers, economic openness and business cycles) on the later variable (global foreign exchange market turn overs). Emerging issues are the independent variables while the global foreign exchange market is the dependent variable. The following model will be estimated F = C + a*O +b* Fu + c*Eo + d*Bc Where; F – foreign exchange market turnover C – Constant O – Options turn o vers Fu – Futures turn overs Eo – Economic openness index Bc – Business cycle indicator References DeLong, G., Smith, R.C., Walter, I., (2012), Global Banking, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Weithers, T, (2012), Foreign exchange: A practical guide to the fx markets volume 309 of wiley finance, New York: John Wiley & Sons. Effects of banking market structure on firm performance Financial institutions such as banks are important elements of economic and social